Permitting Services

Public Presentations: Clear and concise presentations are a key component to any project requiring regulatory approvals. We gear our presentations towards engaging the regulatory body in a constructive dialog to facilitate a mutually agreeable outcome. For every presentation we attempt to gather as much information from the concerned parties as early as possible to allow us to tailor the presentation in such a way as to answer as many question as early as possible. We find that this approach allows the applicant the opportunity to engage any opposing factions early on and turn them into supporting factions. This is key to the success of most projects.

In support of the presentation we will develop presentation aids as necessary, including computer generated color site renderings, complex traffic movement models and handouts. We fully understand and embrace that a quality, comprehensive presentation is critical to the success of the permitting of a project.

Site & Subdivision Plan Development: The information presented to a regulatory agency is typically presented on a drawing that depicts the intensity of the proposed project to the site itself. It is critical that this information be shown in a clear manner that is readily understood by all parties involved. To that end the plan should show the existing and proposed conditions of the lot including the building footprints and site improvements such as drainage, utilities, landscaping, parking, screening and any other information required to determine compliance with the applicable regulations.