Coastal/Waterfront Design

Sea levels continue to rise, putting more pressure on existing shorelines, causing more frequent flooding and emphasizing the need for enhanced coastal resiliency. Inland waterfronts also face equally damaging threats from flooding and perhaps the most severe conditions at winter ice breakup.

Civilworks brings a unique perspective to addressing these concerns in a focused and efficient approach based on decades of specialized experience. We are civil engineers first, enhanced by advanced degrees and training, including ocean engineering, married to common sense and practical design learned from hands-on field assessments, diving observations and construction.

Waterfront project needs vary with each new site, its exposure and subsurface conditions. The combined skills in geotechnical, civil, structural and ocean engineering allow a reality check at the beginning of the process. Does it make sense? Is there an out of the box approach to reduce costs, improve constructability or speed permitting? Is the sea level rise design criteria really Best Available Science?

What is a typical project approach?
• Site condition assessments & needs
• Resiliency & hazard mitigation planning
• Preliminary concept development
• Funding & grant opportunities
• Permitting
• Final design & bid documents
• Construction phase services

Project Types
• Docks, marinas & water access
• Dredging, beach nourishment, boat ramps
• Seawalls, revetments, living shorelines
• Piers, wharves, bulkheads, quaywalls

• Marine terminals, bulk cargo storage

• Intakes, outfalls, underwater cables & pipelines

• Harborwalks, riverwalks, boardwalks

• Breakwaters, artificial reefs, floodwalls