Lake Shore Park Community Dock Replacement

Civilworks provided permitting, engineering and construction phase engineering services for replacement of the community dock, known as the Big Pier, at Lake Shore Park in Gilford. This dock is exposed to ice and waves of the Broads on Lake Winnipesaukee and the western rock filled log crib was partially destroyed by ice in 2022.

The replacement dock is also founded on rock filled timber cribs with internal foundation piles, engineered for ice loads, wave loads and 100 psf uniform live load, staying within the dimensional and span constraints of the prior dock for permitting reasons. Constructed over the winter, the cribs were prefabricated on land, sunk into position, ballasted with rock fill and foundation piles driven to refusal. Wave spray icing delayed the decking installation until somewhat milder weather, but the community dock is now open for the summer season. One year-round resident commented that it is a shame the very substantial base and framing of the dock is now hidden under the decking.